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Concordia Graduates June 2017
Congratulations to the following students for completing the Diploma and Higher Diploma Program with Concordia International University on June 23, 2017: Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management 1. Park Yechan 2. Suk Ji Young   Higher Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management 1. Park Yechan   Diploma in Business Management

Concordia International University Accreditation on EduQual
Since September 28th, 2016 Concordia International University has been approved by Eduqual as a qualified education center that can give out UK higher education diploma. This cooperation with EduQual will bring many advantages both to the institutes related and also to the students. Normal UK education system in higher education consists of diploma, higher diploma, and bachelor degree in th

CICAP partnership with London School of Marketing
Since 2002, Concordia International College of Asia and the Pacific (CICAP) created a Super Fast Pathway (SFP) program with London School of Marketing in the UK to provide students with high quality education and university degree unparalleled to any prestigious universities in the UK. Now students can achieve UK higher level education through Concordia Pathway program in more effective fas

Concordia International University Meets Toua and KIIT Unive…
On June 2nd, 2017 an important meeting was held in Busan to discuss the partnerships of global platform university. The attending representatives and their universities were Jong Sung Choi (international admission officer) from TOUA University (University of East Asia), Dr. Sucheta Priyabadini (the director of student services) from KIIT (Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology) Univers

Concordia International Leadership Center
Sunday, May 20, 2017 - Today, an appointment ceremony for Concordia International Leadership Center faculty was successfully held at Centum Imperial Tower of Centum City, Pusan, which is surely expected to become a cornerstone to bring innovation to  both education and business in Korea. The event was attended by Dr. Andrew Ahn, a professor from Concordia International Uni

Concordia International University Signs MOU with BHMS
On May 7, 2017, a Memorandum of Understanding on academic partnership was signed by Business & Hotel Management School (BHMS) President, Heinrich Meister, and Concordia International University (CIU) CEO, David Kang. The other members of the BHMS delegation included Dr. Anthony J. Erb (Dean of International Education Programs) and Giovanni Rebai (Manager of Sales and Marketing). The other r

Concordia Overseas Pathway Program
Concordia UK and Switzerland Pathway Program  Concordia works in partnership with leading universities to prepare students for studying bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degrees. It runs on-campus and blended learning programs that equip students for entry to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in different universities in the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Concordia College of Benguet Continually Grows
Concordia College of Benguet carries on its process of expansion and has grown bigger year after year. Yesterday, March 22, 2017, we organized a photoshoot with the students from Grade 11 SHS (ABM and GAs Class), 1st to 2nd year of AB English Language and BS Tourism Management, and 1st year to 3rd year of BS Entrepreneurship and BS Accounting Technology. Three years ago, Concordia Co

Concordia College of Benguet Government Recognition from CHE…
On March 14, 2017, Concordia College of Benguet successfully awarded a Governemnt Recognition No. 4 Series of 2017 for its Bachelor of Arts in English Language program from the Commission on Higher Education, otherwise known as CHED. CHED, which is a government agency established in 1994 and tasked to govern public and private higher education institutions including degree-granting programs in all

Concordia Graduate
Congratulations to Sung Jun Lee for completing the Certificate in Business Management with Concordia International University on March 1, 2017. We are proud to be part of your journey towards success as you continue your study in one of the partner schools of Concordia in Singapore. May you carry your spirit to snatch the opportunities out there and beat the challengers to reach all

Overseas Employment for Concordia TESOL Graduates
On March 1, 2017, Concordia International University partnered with Domino Education -- an English academy based in Fujian Province, China – to open up an opportunity for Concordia TESOL graduates to work in multiple locations in China. The contract was signed by Tiger Chen, Chairman of Domino Education. The approximate Monthly Salary of $600-$1200 includes the following: 1.&

Concordia Partners with Coleman College Singapore
Our management continues to find and build high-quality partnerships with other tertiary institutions all around the world, that help advance Concordia Education’s reputation and provide our students with academic excellence. For that matter, on February 20, 2017, we welcomed important visitors, representatives from Coleman College, which is located in Bukit Merah, Singapore. T

Concordia College of Benguet Government Recognition from CH…
On February 10, 2017, Concordia College of Benguet successfully awarded a Governemnt Recognition No. 1 Series of 2017 for its Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Government Recognition No. 2 Series of 2017 for its Bachelor of Sceince in Accounting Technology programs from the Commission on Higher Education, otherwise known as CHED. CHED, which is a government agency established i

To Find Your Future
Concordia International University (CIU) and HELP English Language Program, Inc. will conduct an entrance seminar about Switzerland Hotel School Program (18 months study + 18 months internship), Singapore SP Jain Schoalrship Program of Enrolling Process and Singapore National University and Polytechnic College Prepartory Program on May 5, 2017, 19:00 to 20:00 at Victory Room, HELP Clark Campus.The

Concordia Senior High School Christmas Celebration
  Christmas season is truly a big deal, as it is time to be merry. It is something we all look forward to, whether you be a student, a teacher, a staff member, a dean, or an official.   It is no different in Concordia College of Benguet Senior High School. We may be serious in and focused on our work and studies, but one thing’s for sure: We know when and how to party.
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